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Pet Friendly Share Accomodation – North Melbourne

February 15, 2009 – 10:42 am

Danny and his girlfriend Gemma from North Melbourne are looking for a flat mate with a house-trained, desexed and socialised house dog as they have a Lab x Kelpie male 3 years of age who would love some canine company.

It will be available from mid-March onwards at $170pw inc. elec, gas and broadband (excl. phone calls).

Contact Danny and Gemma for more information on  0405 766 822 .

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  2. Hi im looking for share accomodation with a small dog allowed aroun the carlton/brunswick area

    By Lara Horton on Apr 14, 2009

  3. Hi my name is Bonnie and I’m looking for a rental for myself and my 6 month old Labrador, who is house trained and very well behaved.

    Could you please email me some more details about the rental property.

    Kind Regards

    By Bonnie O'Brien on May 4, 2009

  4. Hi my name is Helga late 30s professional with 2x adorable Birman cats who is looking for accomodation, preference for long term, in either south, south-east or north, within kms of CBD. It is a constant battle to find a suitable situation with my 2x cats,altough I am a highly organised super clean house proud person with precious furniture I love. I treat every home like my own. I am either looking for a 2x bedroom home to set up myself with a view of then finding a housemate, or looking at opportunity to move into a house where there is room for my belongings as well as a welcome for my cats. Could anyone help?

    By Helga on Aug 26, 2009

  5. Hi we are 2 homeless housemates, and I have a little dog a papillon named max , who is also homeless, we have looked at private rental but because we are on disability, no one seems to want to know us. we work part time doing clenaing of houses, and rental properties, do you know of anyone who has a house to rent for say FROM $150pw each up to $170pw ,max is housetrained ,very quite never barks and I miss him as he is being looked after at the moment and I haven,t seen him for 11 months because we cannot find anything to rent. if you hear of anything in the essendon or surrounding areas, please, can you email us.thanks june adam and max.

    By june and adam on Nov 7, 2009

  6. Good morning.
    I am currently living in sunny Karratha with my partner and playful staffy x red heeler. She is one year old and fully house trained. We would love to move to Melb in March- April 2010.
    Can you please give me some more info on the property- is there a backyard for the dogs to play in?

    By Jessica Fitz on Dec 19, 2009

  7. Hello
    Myself and 7 year old Hungarian Vizsla, also desex, housetrained and socialised are currenntly looking for a place to live together. Of which we are coming up with barriers. I am a professional working in the city. Could you please email me some additional details in regards to the property.
    Kind Regards

    By Tamara on Feb 17, 2010

  8. Looking for a rental property in Eastern Melbourne, Victoria. Have 1 x cat and 2 x large dogs, have great previous rental references. Needing from June 2010 onwards. Please email

    By Katie on Feb 22, 2010

  9. Hello Danny and Gemma,

    Let me inform my friends regarding this since i know some friends that had these. thanks for the posting.

    By Rachelle on Mar 22, 2010

  10. Hi, my name is Jess. I am 22. Working fulltime. I am looking for a room to rent in melbourne. Preferably close to the city. I have a full trained female staffy called Bonnie. Great with other dogs, desexed. If anyone has any rooms available i would be keen to have a look. is my email. thanks

    By Jess on Jun 9, 2010

  11. hi all, we are a family of four with two dogs and a cat, we are moving from the NT and need a 3 bdr house. my husband is starting work with vic police on october 25 and we will be joining him in december. We are able to upfront up to six months rent and am willing to increase the bond such is our confidence that no damage will be incurred by their presence. I am a human service professional and have held a number of high profile roles in the territory. Thus i will be looking for a similar position post arrival. My children are 13 and 9 years old. We are looking for a house in northcote/thornbury/preston and hope we may find some options here.
    Penny Fleming

    By penny fleming on Sep 27, 2010

  12. Hi I’m a 30 year old woman moving to Melbourne in April 2011 with a small well behaved and well trained dog. We will be needing a nice comfortable home. I have excellent rental references, please email if interested. Thanks!

    By Catherine on Nov 16, 2010

  13. looking for rental property in the western suburbs i have a 3 yr old half chawawa and half pomaranian.very playful dog

    By waid on Dec 28, 2010

  14. Hello,
    I am looking for a place to rent (preferably 2 bedrooms) around the Richmond area. I have an 8 year old labrador. He is a male, desexed, social and an ex-guide dog. He has lived in apartments his entire life and is extremely well trained. I have just relocated back to Australia from Europe and I am finding it really difficult finding a rental property that allows a dog. If anyone has any advice I’d be very grateful.

    By Mark on Mar 2, 2011

  15. I was just woundering if ppl on this website had replies and any success with rentals with their pets please take a second to let me know

    By Vanessa on Mar 18, 2011

  16. homeless and need accomodation for myself and small dog.lort smith will not keep my dog any longer,after spending 1800 dollars on boarding kennels I cant spend any more,but wish to save my dog, can anyone offer any help

    By paula on Mar 20, 2011

  17. please offer any suggestions,thank you,paula

    By paula on Mar 20, 2011

  18. Hi there,
    I am currently looking to move out of home and would love to rescue a dog. I currently work at the Royal Childrens Hospital and this offer sounds perfect for me!
    Please contact me asap! 0413820109

    By Felicity on Apr 21, 2011

  19. hi there, i’m about to become homeless myself cos of how long its taken to find somewhere with my cat and dog. Seems to be more common and a lot harder than i than i realised. very scary

    By kaige on Jul 13, 2011

  20. Hi, I have a 12 month old Alaskan Malamute male, desexed and a 16 month old cat male, desexed. My boyfriend and I are looking for an apartment that is pet friendly to rent, and quite close to the city, something costing around $150 – $300 dollars at the most. Thanks.

    By Chantelle on Jul 17, 2011

  21. Hi all,
    I am currently looking to rent a house anywhere within 20 kms from Melbourne CBD. The only problem is that I have an adorable one year old German Shepherd. Albie and I are both house trained and I would love some information on where I can find a rental. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
    Matt 0409947135

    By Matt on Jul 19, 2011

  22. Hi Hubby & me and two dogs seeking 3+ bedroom house in melboourne au. We have been battered by earthquakes in christchurch and have jobs to go to in Melbourne can anyone help us please?

    My two dogs are microchipped, spayed and well behaved.

    Cheers and thanks

    By Marion on Jul 23, 2011

  23. hi i am a friendly female with a beautiful 6 yr old house trained poodle looking for a share house in melbourne. i am down to earth and relaxed,
    please contact 0421 448 667

    By annalise on Aug 25, 2011

  24. Red Hewlett dog, 29 y.o.male. need home around melb. Don’t want to go too far from the city.

    By josh on Sep 8, 2011

  25. Pets are not permitted in registered rooming houses due to Health dept regulations…a law which was introduced after Tenants representatives continued to blame landlords for filthy conditions in houses and not putting a fair share of blame on the tenants. I have permitted lots of pet owners to reside in my premises, however the pets have most times been a better tenant than their owners. One guy i had to evict had a loverly well behaved dog and other residents were sad to see dog go but it had to be done. The guy was agressive towards other residents and was always plotting to kill his ex-wife…a real nutter.

    By Gilly on Sep 27, 2011

  26. hi, i´m looking for a pet friendly rental in either Prahran or South Yarra for a min of 3mths – i´d ideally like a fully furnished house with garden. Happy to pay up to $650-750pw – The Company I work for will pay the costs. Please let me know if you know of anywhere.

    By Duncan on Oct 2, 2011

  27. NEED TO FIND A HOUSE TO RENT but Its hard with my 4yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Extremly friendly, outside and inside, looking to spend upto $160 per week; GLENWAVERLEY-RICHMOND AND ANYTHING INBETWEEN. DOES ANYONE NEED A HOUSEMATE? 0425256348

    By sally on Nov 8, 2011

  28. MARK: would you be interested in house hunting together as we are in the same boat? :)

    By sally on Nov 8, 2011

  29. Hi , i’m looking for a home for me and zed, zed is a well behaved girl and is always with me…any where in Victoria is fine we just need a home ! please call 0400700567

    By wayne on Feb 29, 2012

  30. Hi I am an employed 40 something female with two small dogs and cat (who all love each)are house trained, and like srangers. I am looking to either join a house or find a unit ( one/two B’) in Gisborne…or Camberwell/Balwyn
    /Brunswick? Northcotte? Ivanhoe or nr’inner city subs’. We currently rent in the Macedon rangers and could possibly do a swap

    By gill on Mar 10, 2012

  31. hi,i am looking for a rental property anywhere around bentliegh,highett,elwood,oakleigh,mckinnon etc..have a small dog, will leave a $2000 pet bond plus 6 months rent in advance,,just has to be very close to shops, thanks

    By cathy on Mar 29, 2012

  32. its cathy from the previou ad,,,my number is 0413976592

    By cathy on Mar 29, 2012

  33. hi,i am looking for a rental property anywhere around bentliegh,highett,elwood,oakleigh,mckinnon etc..have a small dog, will leave a $2000 pet bond plus 6 months rent in advance,,just has to be very close to shops, thanks

    By cathy on Mar 29, 2012

  34. hi,

    I am a woman who suffers from depression and anxiety due to past trauma.
    As a result I am going to lose all I have worked for including my home.
    I have a 7 yr old poodle and am scared i will end up homeless.
    Looking for caring people to take me in. Can pay rent.

    By annalise on Mar 31, 2012

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