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Pet Friendly Rentals

Download the Pet Friendly Rentals Firefox extension to your desktop by click on the file below.

Next Step - Download and Install Firefox

We have detected that you are not using the Firefox web browser so you will need to download and install it as the extension needs it in order to run.

Firefox is fast, secure and absolutely FREE and will only take a few minutes to download for broadband users with dial up users needing to allow closer to 15-30 minutes.

Download Firefox

Once Firefox is installed

Now that Firefox is installed, it’s time to complete the final step which is installing the Pet Friendly Rentals extension in Firefox.

Continue to the extension installation page

Congratulations, you’re now ready to install the Pet Friendly Rentals Firefox extension. If at any time you get stuck or something doesn’t work, check out our help section which has demonstrational movies for getting up and running in no time. Otherwise, feel free to contact us via our contact page.

Please Note
For security reasons, Firefox may ask if you want to allow the website to install the extension. If so, click the allow button, and if necessary, click on the Install link again.

Once you have installed the Pet Friendly Search Tool…

Now just Restart Firefox and begin searching for rentals at